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An initiative to concentrate the efforts of many developers in and around West Sweden to learn, share, and get productive using the various Google products.


GDG West Sweden





About Google Developer Groups (GDG) West Sweden

Google Developers Group West Sweden is inspired by GTUG/GDG Family . We try to engage student developers, fresh graduates and professionals through our hack events & meetups. The motive is to create a local ecosystem of programmers & hackers in and around the West Sweden Region.  

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International Women's Day 2022 - GDG West Sweden - Murriel McCabe, Sara Aghaeian, Moksha Mechanda

International Women's Day 2022 - GDG West Sweden - Murriel McCabe, Sara Aghaeian, Moksha Mechanda

Google Developers Group (GDG) came up with a wonderful theme for this year's International Women's Day, called "ProgressNotPerfection". This theme alone explains a lot in regard to life, be it for a woman or a man. It celebrates all kinds of progress - big or small - and the strength we demonstrate when we don’t let fear hold us back from following our dreams. Our paths aren’t always linear, and we may come across seemingly impossible challenges, but when we celebrate #ProgressNotPerfection, we are celebrating all we’ve accomplished - big and small - and our inner strength and resilience that allowed us to get here. Talk Title and Speakers: Continuous Improvement: Journey through DevOps : Murriel McCabe Murriel is a Customer Engineer with Google Cloud, working with customers and the community to solve technical and business challenges. She is currently excited about all things DevOps, Information Security, Kubernetes, and Observability. She is also a big advocate for mentorship of girls/youth in STEAM/Technology and enjoys plugging into the local Southern California tech and maker community. When outdoors, can often be spotted on a bike, by the coastline, in the garden, or covered in sawdust. *** Developing a change mindset-Learning agility : Sara Aghaeian Sara is a Digital Process Manager at Polestar. Her area of interest is business process modeling and how to use technology to minimize the manual processes. Sara has a wide background, worked in different countries before coming to Sweden. All those experiences, made her a successful life coach and business instructor as well. At her free time, she plays theater and enjoying being on the stage.
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