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DevFest is one of the larger-scale community-driven tech conferences carefully crafted for you by the Google Developer Group (GDG) community!


This year, GDG West Sweden is organizing DevFest 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden!

150 +




10 +



See you on
04th Nov 2022

We have speakers who are experts in IoT, Cloud, Hot or Emerging Tech, Diversity & Inclusion. 

After which we have a start-up showcase, giving the participants an opportunity to get to know about the start-ups in Gothenburg. 



Startup Showcase is a part of this year's DevFest, where we invite Gothenburg startups to come and talk about their product, company, or any other interesting subject. The showcase is the perfect opportunity for the developer community to find out more about all of the fascinating startups around Gothenburg. 

Duration per Startup: 20 minutes 

Hope to see you there!

Startup Showcase 1.png


What is DevFest?

DevFest is one of the larger scale community-driven tech conferences around the world, carefully crafted for you by the Google Developer Group (GDG) community. DevFest brings together thousands of developers globally and a shared passion for Google technologies. During this year's DevFest, we will discuss about the latest IoT & cloud technologies from different experts around the world.

Where and when?

Venue: LumenRadio, (Technopolis Gårda) Johan Willins gata 6, Gothenburg, Sweden
Date: 4th November, 2022
Time: 15:00-20:00 + After Party from 20:30 onwards!

About GDG?

GDG is a group of developers passionate about Google technologies with a strong focus on knowledge exchange and networking. This year's DevFest West Sweden will be an in-person event, being held and hosted by LumenRadio Gothenburg Office.

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