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A Social Impact 

Open Source Product Initiative

Volunteering in today’s world is no less than an act of service in the form of small actions from individuals who have the ability to create a ripple effect and make an impact on society. 


Combining the need to deliver and creating an impact on the society, our team at Google Developers Group came up with the idea of “Good Karma”- an app designed to help people explore the different volunteering opportunities around them; filter them on the basis of interests, location and age group.

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Your opportunity to make the world
a better place to live at your fingertips.


A platform to provide opportunities to like-minded people with volunteering on event to event basis.

Small Initiatives Matters

Forum to push forward small initiatives in different categories to create the ripple effect globally.

Connecting People

Connecting people with different cultural backgrounds, sharing same volunteering interests. 

Young people collecting garbage

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Good Karma - A sense of individual satisfaction and happiness that can help to create a responsible society and also set a good example for the future generation.

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